Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Response: Portfolio Critique

I found this week's portfolio critique to be a rude awakening. Seeing all my work spread out on the table like that, it looked like I had nothing to show for my years of design work. I guess I have designed in various different capacities and some of that work just isn't relevant, but it was hard to see that I didn't have much that I was really proud of.

I can't say that looking at others' work even helped that much either because so many of us want different things out of life.

I think that tomorrow when the second half of the class shows their work, I am going to try to write more detailed comments. Thanks to those who did that for me because that helped the most!


  1. Kristin, the work you presented yesterday was very good and you showed a lot of dynamic design abilities. After starting the critiquing process, i started seeing how different all of our design styles are. It was a cool way of observing and putting together where we each want to go in life. P.s. don't put New York out of mind for May, all your hard work will pay off and you'll get where you want to go. Great job with your portfolio display yesterday.

  2. Kristin, I felt the same way when I put out all my work last year. Even though I'd been designing and painting and drawing things all my life, it seemed like I had very little that could actually go into a portfolio. That's one of the great parts about this class. You will have clips coming out of your ears before the semester is over. You have done some great work in the past few weeks alone! Your designs were lovely. You showed an insight into content-driven design. It was homey without being cliche, pretty without being unapproachable. Executing your concepts and working with your fantastic group of publishers will be a terrific experience. And in the end you will have yet another clip. :) Love, Meredith (the TA, not the project.)