Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Response: Alexey Brodovitch

I have something in common with design great Alexey Brodovitch : a love of white space.

My design aesthetic is extremely minimalistic with a great deal of white space (hence the title of my blog) and sometimes I think that my designs aren't as interesting because of this. I am trying to make my designs more complex, but I just find I am always drawn to the starkness of simple images and text against bright white.

I sometimes feel as though people interpret my aesthetic as lazy or uninspired, which is disappointing. However, now I've got Alexey as an ally- now how many people can say that?

Oh, and he likes dancers...


  1. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of white space as well. Just like all design though, I think it should be used to represent the content of the story. It kills me to see white space used just to be artsy or "post-modern." Brodovitch was very successful and conscience when using white space. I'm sure you are too.

  2. You, my darling, are anything but lazy and uninspired!

    While you love white space, you use the techniques in tasteful ways.

    ooh did you see what i just did? That was sooo a complex sentence! subordinate clause! yes! okay, phew.

    Anyway, I think Philip is right about using whitepsace for the wrong reasons--it's a lot like Helvetica. We should be using these elements of design when the design and content call for it.