Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Critique: Week 2

This week, I redesigned last week's feature "Profiles of the Economy," took one photograph a day and completed the shutter graffiti assignment (all photos below).

I continued to have a difficult time designing "Profiles" considering I had NO good ideas to begin with (and my whole family was watching the Super Bowl while I was trying to design). I ended up finding a cool image with fading dollar bills, which I thought fit the story pretty well, and the typography treatment is similar to something I saw in a magazine that I wanted to try. I added in some white space along the opposite page, which now that I look at it could have been a good place for a pull quote or economy fact. Oh well, there will always be other designs to try these things out on!

The photographic field notes assignment made me realize that I am not the brilliant photographer that I thought I was. While I was abroad, I took all these really great pictures of different things in Europe, so I assumed I was a good photographer. In reality, it is difficult to make a European adventure look bad. I now think that the mark of a good photographer is making the ordinary look good because THAT is hard (just look at my photos if you don't believe me). I did get some design ideas from my photos even if the lighting is bad.

I had an easier time with the Shutter Graffiti assignment than I thought I would. It's amazing that typography is everywhere. I think my favorite letter in the combination is the N, which came from an auditorium seat. Which letters do others like?

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