Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Critique: Week 11

This week has been busy as always.

I redesigned my school safety cover based on the critiques I received last week. I really loved my black cover, but what I loved about it was the directness that it got at the issue. I was told to work on the white cover with the repeated words, so I did my best to blend the two and came up with this:

I also worked on a sweet multimedia component for the books department. Next week, I'll post a link to that will let you check it out.

Also, it has been another big week for our Meredith Project. The web site is really starting to come together and I am proud to have learned as much as I have (with the help of some other talented designers). Here are some more tidbits:

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  1. I liked your school safety cover. I think you did a good job of infusing your original ideas together. Although, I do have to say I did like your all black cover a lot too.