Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Can't Miss: The Winger

This week, The Winger had an interest post from the co-founder of SYREN Modern Dance Company about the group's program "Dance on Canvas." Basically they hold rehearsals rehearsals at The Art Students League in Manhattan, and students are invited to draw, paint, sketch and photograph while they dance.

I think this is awesome because it combines two of my great loves (dance and art/design), but I think it is also relevant to our discussions about inspiration and ways to get ideas for our own designs. So, check it out: Rehearsing in an Art Gallery.

( The Winger is a favorite blog of mine. I could try to explain it, but they do a much better job themselves: The Winger is a collaborative website where professionals, students, experts and pioneers in the dance world share their experiences and insights. The Winger was created in an effort to help promote and popularize dance by connecting audiences to artists in a personal and meaningful way, while giving artists a voice of their own.)

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