Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Response: Editing Class

Yesterday in my Magazine Editing lecture, Professor Rowe talked about the ways in which the hierarchy of editors can vary from publication to publication. Sitting there, what she was saying seemed so obvious, yet I realized that I had never given the topic very much thought. She brought attention to the fact that at some magazines the design director is listed second or third, while at others he or she isn't listed until much farther down the masthead. She said if she were a designer, she would take this into consideration because it is a reflection of how important the magazine's design is to the publication as a whole.

Obvious, right? But honestly I had never thought about it. Sadly, I always assumed that designers (even the lead ones) were listed farther down on all mastheads, and that that was simply the way the industry worked. I assumed that editorial positions would always receive masthead superiority.

I am so glad that this unfortunate misconception on my part was cleared up as I start to look for jobs in design. Now, not only will I look at whether I like the design, but also how important the magazine deems my position to be as a part of the whole operation. Thanks Professor Rowe!

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